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A Game Of Cricket

I’ve always enjoyed personal projects, whether they are in depth complicated productions or as with this one, a more laid back and go with the flow affair. I had the fantastic privilege to spend a day following the trials and tribulations of the semi pro team at Berkswell Cricket Club, photographing some of their ex England and county players, Aussie county level and aspirational cricketers. I wanted to keep the photo shoot at a discrete level so the players would relax and let me peak behind the curtain of their game. I wanted to see the real emotion, the anticipation, the delight and the exasperation. What I really wanted too was to produce a set of images that spoke to people who really understand the game and its intricacies, not the big hook shot you see in the newspapers but the little things that make it such a wonderful game to play and experience.


BCC136 (more…)

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