In Praise Of The Fuji X100

X100 a
Back in 2011 Fuji launched a series of cameras that changed our view of smaller sensor cameras. The X line up changed everything. Bloggers from all over the word had their opinions from real world usage to the technical analysis usually only needed for global communication systems…

Anyway back in 2012 I was looking for a new camera, one I could keep in my pocket and could carry with me everywhere and not feel as though I needed to be taking a load of extra lenses or flash just in case and definitely something that wouldn’t feel like I was carting round a brick.

I looked at many different cameras from the Leica X1 to the Canon G5, but their was just something about the X100 that really attracted me. It just felt right in my hand, it was vastly different in design to my work cameras, but it was the fixed lens that really caught my attention, a 35mm full frame equivalent, no decisions to make, just one lens, one focal length and that, along with how it feels, is why I love this camera so much – it’s simplicity.

X100 Fujifilm Camera

The original x100 from Fujifilm

There is something very wonderful about simple, you can only shoot at 35mm, this eliminates many further questions, many further choices and leaves you with a very simple choice shall I move my feet forward or back and if I can’t, what’s the best picture I can take from here? Is this a perfect camera, errr no. Is it slow to focus – yes, does it just not turn on sometimes – yes. Is this enormously frustrating sometimes – yes, but that in itself makes it brilliant. There has been enough written over the years of this beautiful camera about the technicals and the aesthetics and it’s more recent additions.

So all I’d like to add is this, when I go on a shoot with all my other gear, this camera is always in the bag, when I go out for a walk or for a meeting, this is the camera I reach for, when I go on holiday with the family, it’s always with us.

I bought it because I was going to the Olympic Games in London and didn’t want the distraction of having tonnes of gear with me, little did I know that the x100 and I would still be on a journey of discovery together and it would still be making me smile every time I turn it on. Who really needs perfect…



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